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Friday, 24 March 2017

Erotic Story: Naughty Hide and Seek Game Night

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Getting home, the husband finds the home almost deserted with clues around the house to make for a very raunchy night. Hmmm quite interesting indeed! Work was agonizing, it took forever.
The boss was cranky. Clients were impatient. I was on my last nerve.
I starred at the clock all day waiting for this moment, the moment where I could come home to my beautiful wife and finally relax but something was amiss.
I opened the door to our two story townhouse and was confronted by nothing. Her car was in the garage, so she had to be here, but there wasn't a trace of her to be found. The only light present was the glow from the street light, piercing through our sheer curtains. There wasn't even a smell. Usually she'd be home by now cooking dinner.
It's just a regular weeknight, so what's going on?
"Baby?" my voice echoed through the hallway and up the stairs. "Are you home?"
I looked around for her keys, her bag, her shoes, and found nothing. This was very peculiar. I set my coat and briefcase down and reached in my pocket for my phone. I knew she would hers on her especially if there were unseen circumstances that would cause her vacancy from our home. I called her and heard her ringtone from upstairs.
I slipped my shoes off and thought she might have laid down for a nap and lost track of time.
Her ringtone had stopped as I opened our bedroom door. There was her phone, lying on the nightstand by her purse, but where had she gone off to? I was actually starting to worry. This wasn't like her at all.
She always told me everything. I would get text messages throughout the day giving me insight to all her plans. She always kept me informed.
I heard a thump outside our room and towards the guest bathroom.
"Hello?" I called out. I could feel some fear surfacing. Hundreds of scenarios ran through my mind as I tiptoed towards the guest bathroom.
What if she was in trouble? How could I protect her? What if I was too late?
I pushed the thoughts aside along with the bathroom door. Nothing. I stepped towards the shower curtain and pulled it to the side. Nothing.
Suddenly, I heard a giggle and the sound of feet running along the hardwood floors outside the bathroom. All worry was gone and understanding took its place. The Mrs. was feeling a bit mischievous tonight. I ran out the bathroom and saw a glimpse of her lavender nightgown as she span around the corner and ran down the stairs.
Walking slowly out of the bathroom I started to play.
"Hide and seek love?" I spoke real loud so she could hear me from wherever she may be hiding.
"You know what's gonna happen if I find you."
I heard a muffled laugh come from behind the sofa as I came down the stairs. I made my way into the living room and spotted her cute little feet wiggling underneath the edge of the couch. My steps were quiet but I was certain she knew I was there. Stepping closer, I could see her figure hidden under a blanket. I slowly pulled the edge of the blanket away, revealing my darling wife smiling ear to ear.
"I found you." My voice was gruff and full of lust. I know how she loves hearing me talk like that.
"Yeah," her eyes sparkled and she was speaking through giggles, "but you haven't caught me yet."
She burst up and over the sofa in one smooth motion. Quick as a lick, she was out of the room and barreling into the kitchen. The game was most certainly on. I loosened my tie, threw it to the floor, and ran after her.
 "Oh you're gonna get it now" I growled.
Our house is full of tight corners and hiding spots, so she was difficult to catch. I'd see her run into a room, but by the time I could get there, she had already left. I would hear footsteps upstairs, just to get up there and hear her run down again. Every now and again I'd see another glimpse of her nightgown flow away from her hips as she avoided my pursuit.
I was getting winded between work and family, I hadn't made it to the gym in a while. Not only was I feeling it, but it was hard keeping my footing in my socks. My turns were getting sloppy and in my hurry to keep up with her, I slipped on the hardwood floor. There was a loud thump and I heard her immediately run towards me.
"God, baby! Are you ok?" my sweet wife ran to my aid, scanning my body for injuries. "I'm so sorry."
She knelt above me in her little nightgown. It happened to be one of my favorites, it hung just above her knees and made her look almost as sweet and innocent as she actually was. The thin fabric was heavy against her skin and bounced when she walked.
I could now see that she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were crying out for my attention.
Whatever pain I had been experiencing was overtaken by lust. I stood up, acting like I had hurt myself badly. I leaned down to take off my socks, not wanting them to ruin another perfectly good game. She was rubbing my back and kissing my shoulder, continuing with her apologies.
Much to her surprise I threw her over my shoulder and carried her upstairs.
"You're mine now" I smirked. She was laughing as I lightly spanked her behind and took her into our bedroom.
"Time for some good old fashioned discipline, you naughty girl."
I threw her on the bed and watched as she gazed up at me with hungry eyes. Her nightgown had bunched up around her hips and her long and slender legs were restlessly moving about the bed. Her arms stretched out behind her and with an arch of her back, she gave me a perfect view of her ample chest.
I stood there unbuttoning my shirt and watching her wiggle about the bed. I could feel my blood start to boil and all the cares of the day disappeared. There was only her and my intense need for her.
Once undressed, I crawled on top of her, kissing as I made my way from her ankles to her neck. She tried to keep still and accept my kisses, but she had gotten herself really excited. Her moans and sighs of pleasure were driving me insane. I was desperate for her.
I reached her face and gently nipped around her ears and neck.
"God, baby" she moaned into my shoulder.
"If this is my punishment then I'm going to start misbehaving more often."
I instinctively groaned and collided her lips and mine. Her hands ran along my back and around my neck. I kissed her with fervency and she pulled me in as close as I could get. I could feel her warmth beneath me and that only made me more aroused.
She hooked a leg around my waist and spun me over, now straddling my waist. She smiled and every so slowly removed her nightgown. She was bare on top of me. My wife, my love was waiting, offering herself to me and the world stood still for that moment. Time was an illusion as she leaned forward to kiss up my chest. The heat from her lips penetrated my skin and sent shivers up my spine. She was so gentle, but each touch had such a tremendous impact.
She drew her hips up and down again, sheathing my manhood inside her. I saw her face contort with pure pleasure and it was like she had pressed play. I anchored my heels into the bed and began to thrust up into her.
She cried out, screaming my name, encouraging me. Everything about her was overwhelmingly pleasing; from the way her hair fell around her face to the slight throbbing of her walls as I penetrated deeper into her. This was no longer a sweet little game. I was loving my wife and she was loving me right back.
I rolled her back underneath me and I kissed along her neck, still continuing my thrusts. She pulled at my head, wanting me as close to her as possible. My kisses trailed down to her breasts and I took a nipple into my mouth. She gasped and began grinding her hips against me while I pounded into her. This slight change sent me over the edge.
I spilled into her and she clutched me tighter as her own orgasm came over her.
Moments felt like hours, and although I didn't want the pleasure to end, my muscles gave way and I fell beside her on the bed.
She rolled into me, planting sweet little kisses wherever her lips could reach. I pushed her hair back around her ears. "I love you, my sweet lady."
"I love you, too, my handsome man." She looked up and stole a kiss from my lips. Nuzzling back into my chest she smiled and closed her eyes.
I continued to rub her side as she fell asleep in my arms. Whatever else there was to do tonight didn't matter. I had her and she was more than enough.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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