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Thursday 23 March 2017

Four foot python is an employee at German hair salon where it gives neck massages

50 year old German hairdresser, Falk Döhler brings his four-foot long pet Monty into his Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, Germany, for two days a week to perform specialist massages. For customers willing to brave the therapeutic routine, the reptile wraps her body around the neck while tensing and relaxes its muscles to massage the client.

The service costs 35 euros for 30 minutes. It may appear terrifying to some but the salon owner said the unusual treatment is proving popular. Mr Döhler said he got the idea to offer the massage after being inspired by seeing a similar technique offered while he was on holiday in South Africa.
Clients who have tried out service include 17yr old  Flora Magdalena who said she'll be back and a TV presenter who was left satisfied with the results.


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