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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Man found drinking beer at a bar while his burial was taking place

A man believed to be dead was found by family members in a bar, guzzling bottles of beer as his burial rites was underway. The burial of Wilson Oluoch was to be held on Saturday, the 25th of March at his village in Awendu, Migori, Kenya, however, what was supposed to be a sad day was transformed into one of feasting after the family got a message saying someone who looked like the deceased was found in a bar and upon investigation it turned out to be true.

Wilson Oluoch, a commercial motorcyclist, went missing and after he did not return days after, his family assumed the worst. When a decomposing body was found in a nearby sugarcane plantation, Oluoch's family took the body to be that of their son so they took it to the mortuary and began to make burial preparations.

On the day slated for the burial, after the grave had been dug and mourners began to arrive, the family got a hopeful message that their son was alive and merrying at a bar in Rongo. It turned out to be true and his family and well-wishers converted the food and drinks and other preparations meant for mourning into celebratory meals. 

Oluoch revealed that he was ashamed of himself for returning home drunk so he decided to leave home and start a new life elsewhere. His parents spoke to newsmen and expressed their joy at having their son alive. Oluoch's family have contacted the council of elders to begin cleansing rituals to enable him enter into the compound again.

The corpse the family had earlier thought was that of their son has now been returned to the morgue.

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