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Thursday 30 March 2017

Meet Miguel Caballero: The designer that makes stylish and bulletproof outfits for world leaders

Miguel Caballero is not your regular fashion designer, but he's well known and he's a legend in his lane.
For 25 years Caballero has been styling the world's VIPs with his stylish, bulletproof clothing line that shares his name. His client list includes Michael Bloomberg, Steven Seagal, King Fernando of Spain, and it's rumored he made bulletproof attire for President Obama's 2009 inauguration.
He's also shot at every one of his employees and they've all survived because he wants them to believe in the product they make. 

In his words, "Several times I've shot my wife, I've shot my lawyer, my brothers, and I've shot myself. It's in order to get a good quality product." 
Caballero makes everything from formal wear to raincoats and leather jackets. The presidents of Kenya, Nigeria, El Salvador, Paraguay, Panama, Guatemala, and Uruguay currently wear his threads. His tank tops, which retail for $1,500, are the most popular item with world leaders.

Caballero's designs are certified by the National Institute of Justice which means the U.S. government has signed off on their effectiveness. The bulletproof tank top can withstand twelve bullets six in the back and six in the front, from 9mm or .357 magnum rounds.

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