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Friday 24 March 2017

Mel B and her estranged husband going for family therapy for the sake of their kids

Former Spice Girls member and singer, Mel B and her husband, Stephen Belafonte who are in the process of getting divorced, are currently going for family therapy for the sake of their children. According to TMZ, the couple arrived for the first session in separate cars with their kids in another car in the company of their nanny. Read TMZ report below..

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte took an enormous step Wednesday to ratchet down the anger in their divorce ... we've learned the 2 of them along with their kids went for a family therapy session. Sources connected with Mel B and Stephen tell TMZ, they drove separately to Mulholland Estates to the home of Dr. Charles Sophy, Mel's longtime psychiatrist. They each drove separately and their 3 kids -- ages 5, 9 and 18 -- drove in a third car with the nanny. Sophy is a leading psychiatrist in Hollywood, treating scores of celebs. He was a big part of the Michael Jackson molestation trial. We're told this was the first family session and it's a breakthrough because up to this point in the breakup, a family session would have been out of the question. Our sources say both Mel B and Stephen really want to make sure their kids are ok.

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