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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Outrage as Islamic cleric allegedly broadcasts porn through Mosque speakers in Turkey

A Turkish mayor in Kuzeykent, an area of Kastamonu is currently investigating some Muslim officials after an audio sound from a pornographic movie was broadcasted at a mosque for early morning prayers. Members of the Kuzekent mosque who were used to hearing 'Allahu Akbar' were left shocked when they heard raunchy moaning from the public speakers at about 1am on March 22nd 2017.
A witness in the Kuzeykent neighborhood of Kastamonu captured a 53-second video of the loudspeakers, as they played what appeared to be the audio from a pornographic film at a loud volume. An outrage which has since become a trending topic on social media.
Tahsin Babas, the Mayor of the city, through his Facebook issued  a statement where he said the indecent provocation was going to be thoroughly investigated.
'Kuzeykent Mahallemizin belirli bir noktasından duyulan ahlaksız provokasyonun kurumumuz ile hiçbir ilgisi bulunmamaktadır. Yapılan araştırmada yayının özel bir hoparlör sisteminden yapıldığı tespit edilmiştir. Bu ahlaksız eylemi kurumumuzla bağdaştırmak isteyenler ile ilgili olarak gereken yasal süreç en kısa sürede başlatılacaktır.'

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