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Monday 27 March 2017

Photos: Lord's Chosen member claims a dead child was brought back to life after pastor's prayer

A member of the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Ministries has claimed that a sick one-year-old boy who died while his mother was taking him to church was miraculously brought back to life after the pastor's prayer. (like that is even possible) His post below: 
"Sis Helen Michael will never forget this day in the annals of her history. Her miracle is that which is not common among men. 
She came with a sorrowful heart to the service today as a result of her son (1year plus) who was terribly ill and later died on her way to church. She's was so optimistic that God would bring him back to her life.
Her implicit faith was brought to life when our beloved Daddy in the Lord was praying during INSTANT MIRACLE SESSION, the lifeless baby sneezed and came back to life. Her testimony caused an uproar in today's service.
Indeed, our God is faithful.

Do you have a hopeless situation? The only good God who remembered Sis Helen shall remember you today. I can see everything turning around for your good in Jesus' name."


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