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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Police Minister Fined N102, 293 for Using Phone While Driving (Photo)

Police Minister, Troy Grant
The police minister of New South Wales, has reported himself to the police after he was caught using his phone while driving. A police minister in Australia has been fined 325 dollar for using his mobile phone while driving to take a picture of a sheep. Troy Grant, the police minister of New South Wales, said he did not realise he was breaking the law.
He reported himself to police after being alerted by media.He was stationary when he took the photo of the sheep in the back of a station wagon at a road construction, and later posted it on Twitter, saying, “A ewe in the back out on a Saturday drive!”
“This serves as a massive reminder. Nobody is above the law even if you are the police minister,” Grant said on Tuesday.
“Sitting stationary with the engine off at a roadworks site is no excuse to use a mobile phone.”
According to the state’s law, drivers may operate a phone only from a fixed cradle without contact.

“As police minister, I work hard to promote road safety and work with the police to campaign for better driver behaviour,” Grant said.

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