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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Priest to Marry Church Member After Allegedly Getting Her Pregnant (See Photo)

Father Charles Makowa
 A priest is in the eyes of the storm after he reportedly impregnated a church member, and is about to be forced to marry the girl. 
A Roman Catholic priest who committed his life to celibacy is under fire for bedding a young girl, reports H-metro.
According to information gathered, the man of God identified as Father Charles Makowa of St Peters Catholic Church in Checheche, Zimbabwe has been allegedly involved with several women from his church with the latest being a minor whose mother is the Parish Youth Advisor (Tete).
The mother’s name cannot be mentioned to protect the minor. The man of cloth confirmed the developments that are making him leave the church while the girl’s mother said if the story sees the light of the day the writers would die.
H-Metro is in possession of screen shots of the priest’s texts to the minor. Father Makowa is alleged to have bedded the minor from 2014 when she was 14 years old. Last week there was drama in the mission station when another young woman named Tsitsi Kumbula caused a scene claiming to be Fr Makowa’s official girlfriend.

“Tsitsi openly claimed to be the official girlfriend when she heard that Father Makowa was planning to marry the minor.

“There was quite a scene here,” said a source privy to the developments.
The source said the minor’s mother sold her child to the Father for favours such as having the minor’s school fees paid for by the priest.

“The girl’s mother became vulnerable to Father Makowa’s manipulations as she fell right into his trap, literally trading her first-born daughter to him in exchange for school fees payment for all her kids and upkeep of the whole family.

“This worked according to the priest and girl’s mother’s plan and the minor has completed her studies at St Anthony High School in Zaka – all paid for by Fr Makowa,” said the source who preferred anonymity stating that the man of cloth was very violent such that he feared for her life.

“The priest is so dangerous. . . I mean so violent,” said the source.
The minor’s mother had no kind words threatening unspecified action if the story is published.
“Itai basa renyu muchiziva pekugumira. You don’t know where I work.

“Someone will die if you pursue that story,” she said before hanging the phone.
Efforts to get in touch with her were futile as she was not picking her phone.
The man of cloth said he was trading the pulpit for marriage.
“Go ahead and publish the story.

“I am planning to marry the girl soon. She is not pregnant.

“I am not aware of any other relationship you are talking about. I will be leaving this parish soon,” said Fr Makowa.
Fr Makowa said the publication of the story would bring a curse to the writers.
“Write what you have. You will be cursed I tell you.

“Bad omen will certainly befall you,” he said.
Fr Makowa said he has since resigned from being a priest.
“I sent my resignation letter.

“The person who gave you the story also wants to be a priest. Publish the story,” he said.

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