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Tuesday 28 March 2017

The Unlucky Dude! See How Bizarre Man Attempting to Break Into a House Got Stuck in Door Window (Photos)

The man was caugt in a door window
A man who was intent on breaking into a house, has ended up being caught in a most unprecedented place. A photo has shown the really bizarre moment a man “attempting to break into a house” got stuck in a door window – and had to be freed by a pal with a ladder.
According to The Sun UK, the man’s antics drew a large crowd in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and images were posted online after he became stuck with his legs hanging out of the gap for more than 15 minutes.
He is believed to have lived in the property but had been evicted and was trying to regain access at around 3.45pm yesterday.
Andy Ripley, a local resident who captured the surreal situation on camera, said the man first put a brick through the window before clearing the glass with a stick.
The man then decided to try and squeeze through gap in the door but became stuck.
As a crowd gathered, the man was helplessly trying to struggle through the gap.
Mr Ripley said: “He put the front window through with a brick and smashed the rest of the glass out with a stick and then proceeded to try and climb in. He attracted quite a crowd.

“I think he has been evicted from his house, or is due to be and he couldn’t get in because the landlord changed the locks. So he decided to break the front window and climb in. But he got a bit stuck. No one helped him. He’s a bit of a local nuisance. It was all very odd.”
A friend of the man’s arrived with a pair of ladders and once he was freed from the door, he used the ladders to gain access to the property using the first floor window.
The image was posted onto a local Facebook group where users were shocked to see such a situation and hoped the police were called.
While others seemed to enjoy seeing him in this situation with one commenting he was using “a big cat flap”.
Amanda Hancock said: “He has been evicted hasn’t he? So breaking and entering, hope someone called the police, I wasn’t here or I would have done!”
Donna Harkins said: “His friend has just turned up with a ladder to get in through the upstairs window! It looks ridiculous! No shame!”
The property currently has a polystyrene box blocking the hole in the door.
Residents said officers from West Yorkshire Police also came to the property.
A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called to Longwood Gate at 3:45pm yesterday.

“Officers attended and found no crime had been committed.”

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