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Thursday 23 March 2017

Watch the viral video of a South African woman standing up to a bulling white man

This video which has gone viral, shows a South African woman standing up to a white man who tried to bully her. The incident happened at Texamo Spur in South Africa on Tuesday March 21st.

According to the woman who shared the video online, she was out having lunch with her children when the white man asked her to warn one of them from touching his daughter.

A shouting match ensued between them and at some point, the white man made an attempt to slap the woman. The restaturant has issued a statement saying the white man has been banned from entering its restaurant nationwide
“The man in the video is not welcome at any Spur restaurant nationally. We do not condone any forms of violence against women or children, irrespective of the circumstances,”the statement read
Watch the video below...

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