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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Check out these shocking before and after photos of a former anorexia sufferer

Nicola King, 24, was anorexic and weighed just four stones in the throes of anorexia. She battled with the eating disorder for six years and would sometimes go six weeks without food and also refused to drink water. Many expected that she would die. 

Only a few years ago, Nicola was admitted to intensive care and doctors told her parents to say goodbye because her vital organs were shutting down. She had starting counting calories at the age of 16 and fell into the deadly clutches of anorexia. When she was at the point of death, she was heavily sedated for three weeks and tube fed, till she was discharged from hospital six months later.
 Over the following months, she started going to the gym. She suddenly went from skeletal to toned in only 18 months after she turned her focus to weight lifting.
 When she was still suffering from anorexia, Nicola, who lived in London at the time, was always in pain. Her period also stopped and her hair fell out due to the lack of proper nutrition.
Now, she has got hold of her situation and was recently crowned champion in the best body transformation category at Pure Elite's UK championships last weekend.

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