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Tuesday 18 April 2017

How My Husband Slapped Me a Public Place Because of His Ex Girlfriend - Wife Tells Interesting Story

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A woman has told a thrilling tale of what happened when she went with her husband to have a meal at a restaurant in town. The woman shared her tale on break_or_makeup where she explained that she feels wronged by her husband.
According to her, she went out on a dinner date with her husband when something really interesting happened. She revealed that at that moment, her husband's ex girlfriend walked into the restaurant and that was when the drama began.
The husband got excited and invited his ex to their table and even ordered his wife to take the same food his ex asked for. However, when she refused, he landed her a hot slap right there in public.
In anger, his wife slapped his ex in the face and walked out.  Now she is asking for a way to settle the trouble apparently brewing in her home.
Below is how she told the story:

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