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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Mom holds Funeral for sick son that she had 'cremated', but all isn't as she claims

In June 2016, a Nevada mum, Victoria Morrison, 31, pleaded to a crowd of users on GoFundMe for donations to help her sick son whom she said was seriously sick. She claimed he had fallen ill with leukemia type 3 von Willebrand disease.In November, she posted that doctors informed her son wouldn't make it to Christmas.
She said even though he was confined to a wheelchair, she would still make sure she fulfilled his final wishes, such as riding in a helicopter and meeting Santa.
So a lot of people donated to her GoFundMe account to help fulfill the boy's wish.

On the 8th of April she announced on Facebook that her son had died of the illness and had been cremated and laid to rest at a memorial service shortly thereafter.

However, according to News 4, Carson City Sheriff's deputies received a tip that Morrison had been collecting donations on a now defunct GoFundMe page claiming her son had died.

The tipster had reportedly called Morrison's husband who said the child was alive and well.

So when deputies conducted a welfare check on the mum, she insisted that her son had passed away in a hospice days earlier and had been cremated.

The Sheriff's Office then contacted the county coroner to obtain a death certificate, but they were unable to find one.
Police were also alerted by a family friend that the boy might be alive and in danger at a local motel. When police followed up on the tip they found the boy “in good spirits and healthy” at the motel where Morrison had been keeping him along with his siblings.

Sheriff Furlong said:
“A service was held in Fallon mourning his loss when in fact he's been fine all along.”
Sheriff Furlong told reporters that Morrison's son had in fact been diagnosed with a disease a year ago, but that it was treatable. The mother used her son's circumstance as a way to solicit money. He added:
“But she used embellished medical information to convince the child, the schools and the public that he was terminally ill.”
According to the Carson City Police Facebook page, Morrison's son had missed months of school. The page explained that the boy's alleged illness was also highlighted this past Christmas during a local charity event that was covered by the media. He had even been given a helicopter ride. Morrison wrote on her GoFundMe page:
“Blake made a list of things he wants to do before he gets to sick, now it's my job to help him do just that.”
Video footage from December 2016 also showed Morrison with her son speaking to reporters about his illness. In the clip, she told cameras:
“It was so uncomfortable, but I wouldn't change it,” she said.

Source: Inside Edition

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