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Thursday 20 April 2017

Nigeria Man Invents a Jet Car that Sails on Water

Kehinde Durojaiye, the inventor posing beside his 'Jet Car'
A Nigerian man from the South-western part of the country is leading a course in developing a multi-dimensional transportation project that can move on any platform.Kehinde Durojaiye has stunningly developed a transport device that shares the same atrributes with a car, aircraft as well as a ship.
According to reports, the device tagged a 'Jet Car' has the ability to float on water, fly in the air and can be driven on land.
The Jet Car being tested on water, road and air respectively
This inexplicable development coming from a Nigerian despite lack of support from the government or advanced knowledge in technological development like Japan and others has been applauded by netizens.

Reports have it that it has been tested and it covered 86 miles when Durojaiye drove it from Lagos to Ibadan at the speed of 120 km/hr.

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