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Tuesday 18 April 2017

Omg! Skinny Wife Beats the Hell Out of Her Husband's Fat Sidechick in Public (Video)

The skinny wife beating the hell out of the husband's sidechick in public
An angry wife has done the unthinkable by mercilessly beating the hell out of her husband's alleged mistress as people watched. It was a real spectacle to behold as a married woman beat the hell out of her husband's sidechick who had trolled her and pulled up looking for trouble.
The sidechick thinking that her huge body would be a better advantage, had confronted the skinny wife of the man she was dating.
What happened next, surprised many people as the skinny wife descended on the sidechick panelbeating her mercilessly as people watched.
The fight was later stopped after the skinny woman was about inflicting serious injuries on the sidechick.
Watch video below:

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