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Monday 24 April 2017

Shock as Husband Catches 2 School Teachers Red-handed Having S*x With His Own Wife in His House

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A man has been given the shock of his life after walking in on two men having s*x with his wife in his matrimonial home. Two male Zimbabwean teachers at one Bhegedhe Secondary School in Buhera spent a hair-raising 12 hours locked in a house after a man who works in South Africa found them having s*x with his wife in his matrimonial home.
According to Masvingo Mirror, the two men identified as Moneymaker Ndamuka and Tichaona Jakata were allegedly caught in the matrimonial home at around 7pm and were locked up together with the wife until the next day when Budzi’s husband had gone around collecting witnesses including his wife Susan Budzi’s relatives.
The incident reportedly happened in Bhegedhe Village.
Chief Chamutsa from Bhegedhe confirmed the incident and said he held a trial for the teachers and they both pleaded guilty and were ordered to pay three beasts each as damages.
He said he has since sent his rulings to Chipinge Magistrates’ Court for confirmation. Budzi and her husband have since divorced.
Bhegedhe school head, Langton Mamvura was represented at the trial of the two teachers by a senior teacher. He however, declined to comment without a clearance from the District Schools’ Inspector.
Chief Chamutsa said Budzi’s husband received a tip-off that Budzi was having a relationship with the teachers. He came back from South Africa unnoticed and stormed into his house at around 7pm where he found the teachers, Ndamuka and Jakata in the matrimonial home.
He then locked the door from outside and went to gather witnesses.

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