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Thursday 20 April 2017

Shocking! How a Heartless Man Stabbed His 9-month-old Baby to Death, Cut Her Throat and Dumped Body (Photos)

The heartless suspect (Photo: H-metro)
 In yet another bizarre incident which emerged online, a nine-month-old baby was stabbed to death by its father who finished her off by cutting her throat and discarded her body. 
The residents of Glen Norah A in the Harare area of Zimbabwe, were on Monday left in total shock after a 24-year-old man, Vincent Sakutukwa, stabbed his 9-month-old baby daughter to death during a scuffle with the mother.
According to a report by H-Metro, baby Tanatswa became the victim when the father missed his wife identified only as Memory and stabbed the baby.
It was gathered that the heartless man who went on to finish off the baby by cutting its throat and dumping the body outside the house after his wife escaped from the attack, disappeared from the scene only to be spotted somewhere else n*ked.
The man after being arrested
While speaking to a correspondent, one of the neighbours said that Vincent was spotted n*ked hiding at a hill near Mukivisi River after he hurled stones at neighbours who failed to apprehend him threatening to stab anyone who came close to him.

“He was spotted n*ked by someone who was coming from prayers and they clothed Vincent as he pretended to be insane,” said one of the neighbours.

“I want to believe that Vincent is not mentally challenged since he is studying towards a Diploma in Business Marketing but could have been attacked by evil spirits since his wife once mentioned that he would act like a baboon before the heinous act,” said the neighbour.
A family representative said; “We are still in shock that we cannot give a comment at the same time his wife is still mourning.” 

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