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Friday 28 April 2017

Witchcraft? People 'Terrified' After Couple Posted 'Sweet' Selfie (Photos)

The innocent photo which many are now taling about
A man has left many people freaking out after an usually thing was spotted in what was supposed to be a sweet selfie photo with the girlfriend. People have been left terrified and making claims of witchcraft after noticing a baffling pose by a woman in a picture with her man. At first glance it's an innocent picture of a couple smiling sweetly at the camera.
But it's what's in the background that's got everyone freaking out on Twitter and throwing accusations of 'witchcraft' around. The woman's head could be seen turned the other way instead of smiling to the camera.
Many people have attributed the incident to witchcraft as they cannot understand how it could be possible if not through some magic.

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