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Thursday 4 May 2017

Evil Boyfriend: Man Orders Girlfriend to Have S*x With a Pet Dog at Home...What He Does Next is Surprising

Michael Smith is being tried in this court
A boyfriend reportedly ordered his girlfriend to have s*x with a pet dog and then proceeded to do something even more surprising. Michael Smith, a 64-year-old man is said to have asked his girlfriend to have s*x with a pet dog named Tank and then reported her to a social worker, a court heard.
According to Metro UK, Michael Smith allegedly recorded the intercourse between his girlfriend, Gwen Kerr, and the bull mastiff before raising the concerns.
Smith, who is currently on trial at Leeds Crown Court, denies that he told Kerr to have s*x with the animal at her home in Chickenley, West Yorkshire.
However weeks after the video was shot, he went to Huddersfield social services and showed it to a professional saying he was concerned for Kerr’s welfare, the jury heard.
Mark McKone, prosecuting, told the court that grandmother Kerr had admitted having s*x with an animal.
Therefore, she was not before jurors in the trial.
When visiting the team leader at Huddersfield social services on May 27 last year, Smith had the footage saved on a camcorder.
He said he had been in an on and off relationship with the woman in the video for 20 years.
The jury heard that Smith said he was ‘concerned’ for Kerr – adding that she had been given amphetamines and put to work as a sex worker by a drug dealer.
When visited by police, Smith said he had decided to film Kerr after walking into her home and finding what he thought was a ‘dog attacking her while she was changing’.
He said he recorded it as ‘an example of her strange behaviour’ and not for any s*xual gratification.
According to The Examiner, Mr McKone said the prosecution did not believe Smith had a legitimate reason for having the images of Kerr and the dog.
He said: ‘What we say is that Mr Smith encouraged that and he made and kept a video of it.’
He added that in the footage ‘Smith tapped Kerr on the buttocks’ while she had s*x with the bull mastiff.
Smith of Chickenley, Dewsbury, denies aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring intercourse with an animal and a second charge of possessing extreme pornographic images.
The trial continues.

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