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Monday 1 May 2017

Flambouyant Lagos Pastor Shows Off His Multi-million Naira Customized Rolls Royce (Photos)

A church member enters inside a gutter to open door for the flambouyant man of God
A church member was forced to enter inside the gutter in order to be able to open the door of his flambouyant Pastor's customized car. Bishop Tom Samson, the founder of Royal Christ Family Ministry in Ikeja, Lagos has showed off his multi-million naira customized Roll Royce. The man of God has continued with his flashy lifestyle despite being dragged by Nigerians. 
The pastor is also known for having a luxury and very expensive hummer limousine that he cruises around with.
He was spotted yesterday in his customized Rolls Royce for church service in Lagos. However, many people are wondering where the stupendous wealth of the man of God is coming from.

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