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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Help! I Feel So Dirty After Doing This with My Best Friend's Ex

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A married woman has left many people in shock after what she revealed about how she slept with the best friend's ex. I have done a very stupid thing I regret massively – I had wild s*x with my best friend’s ex, even though I have a partner and three kids myself.
I am 35. My children’s dad, who is also 35, works away a lot so I don’t get out much. My friend, who I’ve known since our school days, offered to babysit so I could go out one evening as a break from the routine.
I leapt at the chance and decided to do something I have never done before. I went to a pub by myself, ordered a drink and sat down at a table, feeling like a proper grown-up for the first time in ages.
My friend’s ex sat down beside me and started chatting. He is 33. We got on brilliantly and he suggested having another drink at his place on my way home. I knew what would happen but I went along with it and I cannot believe what I did.
He started kissing me and removing my clothes the moment we got in the door. I let him lead me into the bedroom and we spent the next couple of hours having great s*x like I have not had in years.
I could not look my friend in the eye when I got home.
I was worried she would see by my face what I had been up to but she just gave a report on the kids.
It was a stupid thing to do. But now all I can think about is doing it again. It is as if my body has come alive.
I keep wondering if I should contact him and think about what we will do the next time we get the opportunity. I can’t face s*x with my partner any more but he just accepts my excuses.
My lover said he wouldn’t tell anyone but I am so afraid it will all get out.

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