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Monday 1 May 2017

Nigerian Actress Left Embarrassed After She Allegedly Photoshopped Her Bum Picture on Instagram (Photo)

The photoshopped picture  of Rachael Okonkwo showing the bent pole and glass door
A shocking incident has left exposed after it was spotted that she photoshopped her bum in order for it to look big. A Nigerian actress, Rachael Okonkwo has been left red-faced after she was exposed on social media for editing a photo she posted online to make her bum appear bigger.
But she was betrayed as an eagle-eyed comedian, Tunde Ednut spotted the photoshopped picture because of the bent pole and glass.
Tunde Ednut who spotted the photoshopped said when he first saw the photo he had an erection before he discovered it was photoshopped. He wrote: "MY D*CK STOOD when I saw this picture of our popular actress @rechaelokonkwo. MY DICK WENT SOFT when I saw the pole in the glass bent to the shape of her ass.... or is it my eyes?"

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