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Thursday 4 May 2017

Tires stop at the edge of a man's bed as pickup truck smashes into his home

Talk about a narrow escape! A 25-year-old Edmonton man had a brush with death on Sunday morning when a pickup truck smashed into his bedroom while he was asleep and stopped just at the edge of his bed.

Kyle Roach woke up suddenly that morning to the sound of a crash and debris flying all around him. 
The truck's tires were only inches away from crushing him before it stopped next to his blanket. 

“Gravel and ceiling started coming apart on top of me… I called 911 because I was trapped,” Kyle Roach said. "I wouldn’t be able to reach the door and there was glass and rubble all over the place."
He added:
"I constantly… think about what happened. If my bed would have been just a little bit closer, the truck would have drove on top of me."

Police said they believe the truck was headed south on 163 Street when it veered off at 102 Avenue, drove across the lawn of a house, crossed the street and then smashed into the side of the west end house where Roach lives in the basement suite. They said the 25-year-old man driving the truck was the vehicle’s only occupant and that he had to be extricated from the truck after police smashed out the truck’s windows to be able to reach him. He was taken to hospital with minor injuries and a bloody face.

Roach revealed that he tried to communicate with the driver before help came but he did not say much. He added that the driver might have suffered some form of medical episode before the crash.

Police did not mention what was the cause of the crash was or if charges will be made. They said a structural engineer was expected to arrive at the home later on Sunday to assess its integrity.

Roach, who lives in the home with his grandmother, said his family has insurance and he expects they will need it.
“The truck is pretty deep past the foundation… we can’t live here right now so we’re trying to look into a place to live for a while.”

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