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Monday 1 May 2017

Unbelievable! World's Richest Man, Bill Gates Spotted Taking a Ride in Keke Napep (See Photo)

World's richest man, Bill Gates
In a rather new development, world's richest man, Bill Gates has been sighted taking a ride in a Keke Napep. The world’s richest man, Mr. Bill Gates, with a net worth of $87.2bn as stated by Forbes, has been sighted taking a ride in a tricycle which in Nigeria is popularly called Keke Napep.
The multibillionaire was on one of his yearly visits to India when he took the joy ride which has left many people truly shocked.
In a time when many rich people prefer to ride in mega-expensive cars, yachts and private planes, Gates chose the humbling route riding in a Keke Napep.
Bill Gates posted the photo on his Facebook wall:

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