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Thursday 4 May 2017

Videos: Kate Henshaw to refund money she solicited from the public for the treatment of baby born with cancerous growth on his face

Actress Kate Henshaw Wednesday evening took to her IG page to announce that she and the NGO she has been working with, ProjectAlert, would be refunding monies she solicited from the public for the treatment of baby Michael Alvez who has a cancerous growth on his face. Kate and the Project Alert team have been having a running battle with Michael's family over who manages the money. 

According to Kate, instead of her allowing the family have direct access to the money which is quite substantial, she would rather refund the money to those that have donated towards the treatment of the baby.

All attempts to make the family understand her point of view have proven abortive.  Kate says  the family have overtime resorted to pouring insults on her, her daughter and the founder of Project Alert, Josephine.

Michael is the last child of a sex worker identified as Mary who has four other children from four different men. Kate got involved in March last year after she was tagged with the baby and the mother's photo on twitter.

Out of compassion, she asked for them to be found and decided to use her personality to draw attention to his plight. Initially Mary refused to cooperate with Kate as she had always used Michael to beg for alms on the road. Threatened with an arrest, Mary decided to cooperate. She abandoned Michael in the hospital when his condition deteriorated. Watch videos of Kate making the sad announcements after the cut


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