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Thursday 4 May 2017

"With the way science is, I think I can do it when I want " - supermodel, Naomi Campbell on having children

46-year-old original supermodel, Naomi Campbell, gave a rare insight into her private life in a new interview with Evening Standard Magazine. She opened up about never being booked for a beauty campaign, motherhood, drug use and her road to recovery. Excerpts include:

After a 31-year career as powerful as hers, Naomi still fights prejudice within the beauty industry and has never been given a beauty campaign.

‘I’ve never done one for anyone. People say, “Oh you’ve got beautiful skin” and yet I’ve never done one. There are a few shows that didn’t use black models at all and I will not be wearing their clothes.’
On whether Adoption is an option for her, Naomi said.
 ‘I think about having children all the time. But now with the way science is I think I can do it when I want.’

 So she’d like to have a baby rather than adopt? ‘Maybe,’ she says, teasing. Then, more seriously, 
‘Maybe… Maybe.’ Would she be a single parent? ‘No,’ she says. ‘I do want a father figure. I think it’s important.’ Is that because she didn’t have a father figure? She stalls. ‘It’s the way I feel today, sitting here talking to you.’
Noami didn’t escape unscathed from the fashion world’s blizzards of cocaine. A well-documented addiction followed, as well as a well-documented recovery.
‘People tried to shame me about the fact that I went to get help,’ she says. ‘You should never feel shame because recovery is a positive thing. But when I first went, people were not open about this stuff. Everything like this should be talked about openly,’
she continues,
‘mental health issues, postpartum depression, there are so many different things. Come together and help each other, that’s important. My phone is always on for anyone that needs help and guidance in that situation. Like people’s phones and doors have always been open for me. You have to share it back.’ 

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