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Wednesday 3 May 2017

You Must Not Die: See How Crowd Held on to a Man for 2 Hours to Stop Him Jumping From Bridge

A crowd held on to the man to stop him from jumping
An unrelenting crowd has held on to a man who was trying to kill himself by jumping from a bridge to his death. Several members of the public spent two hours holding a man who had threatened to jump from a bridge - as others below gawped and pulled out their camera phones.
Dramatic photos show the man being restrained across various parts of his body by crowds, as well as police officers who had subsequently arrived, while he was also tied up with rope to stop him from jumping.
The crowd held on
According to Daily Mail UK, the incident, near Golders Green, North London, begun at around 5pm this afternoon, and he was held on the wrong side of the ledge for around two hours.
Meanwhile, a crowd of around 75 gathered below - many of whom pulled out their phones to record the incident.
Once he had been secured, a fire engine used its hydraulic lift to lower him to safety. and he was then put into an ambulance.
Part of the busy North Circular road was closed for the duration, with severe tailbacks reported as a result. 
Eyewitness Nigel Howard said: 'The crowd wanted to see what was going on, but there was also a bit of frustration among others because people weren't even allowed to cross the road to get home.
'The police were all very friendly, but people wanted to get home and see their families after a long day at work.
'There were quite a few gasps and shocked faces, but a lot of people did not actually realise what was going on until it was pointed out to them.'  
A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed the man had been detained under the Mental Health Act. 

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