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Friday 5 May 2017

'Zimbabwe is the most developed country in Africa' - President Mugabe boasts

Despite its crumbling economy, Zimbabwe, a country which has been ranked among the world's worst-performing countries, has been rated  'the most highly developed country in Africa' by it's President Robert Mugabe.
The controversial leader made the declaration during the World Economic Forum on Africa which took place Thursday in Durban, South Africa.

When asked to comment on the global belief about Zimbabwe being the perfect example of a failed nation. Responding to the statement, Mugabe declared that his country is the most highly developed country in Africa.
'That is not true!' He started, adding that 'Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa. After South Africa, I want to see another country as highly developed.
To justify his declaration, he said:  'We have a bumper harvest,' he continued, 'not only maize but also tobacco and many other crops. We are not a poor country. If anyone wants to call us fragile, they can. You can also call America fragile,'

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