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Saturday 10 June 2017

Amazing Strength: How Anthony Joshua Almost Broke a Punching Machine During a Live TV Show (Video)

Anthony Joshua showed his strength on The Graham Norton Show
The amazing power of boxing star, Anthony Joshua has been put to test again as he nearly broke the punching machine during a show. Boxing heavyweight, Anthony Joshua has stolen the show once again. The reigning IBF, WBA, IBO and WBC heavyweight champion became a household name after defeating Wladimir Klitschko in April.
His phenomenal strength has seen him knock out all of his 19 opponents and when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show last night, he showcased just how powerful his punch really is.
Joshua lined up alongside The Mummy actress, Rachel Weisz, comedian Greg Davies and The Hobbit star, Martin Freeman on the couch.
After chatting about the epic fight, all of the guests went to the side of the stage to try their hand at a punching bag.
Weisz was up first, registering a 182 which was followed up by a respectable 594 from Freeman.
Davies who was actually taller than the heavyweight champion then stepped up and hit a 632.
Throughout, Joshua was watching in wait, giving tips to the celebrities to “punch through the bag”.
Then it was his turn. He strolled up to the punch bag and with what looked like minimal effort connected a right hook.
The machine visibly rocked from the force of the punch, before registering a remarkable 848.
Watch the video below:

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