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Monday 26 June 2017

Be Warned! Pretty Nigerian Girl Reveals She Has Sold Her Soul to the Devil for Money (Photos)

Diane Emily Kamsi
A young Nigerian woman desperate for fame and wealth has revealed that she sold her soul to the devil for money as she hails him on Facebook. A Nigerian woman based in South Africa has left many people in shock after revealing on Facebook that she sold her soul to the devil after threatening to throw a baby she found at her doorsteps away.
The woman identified as Diane Emily Kamsi fired back when people tried to tell her about the dangers of her action. She wrote: "Stupid jobless poor hungry Nigerians, I sold my soul to Satan so what ?? It's my life and soul so I decide on which master to trade it with ..
I don't want no heaven without money. Hail Satan. Ndi asiri dot com."

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