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Saturday 10 June 2017

#BreakTheInternet: Amber Rose Reveals Her Unshaven Private Part in Her Most Shocking Photo Ever

Amber Rose
Apparently, it seems Amber Rose actually has more hair on her private parts than on her hair as she flashed her n*ked crotch in her most shocking Instagram picture ever. 
33-year-old American model and former stripper, Amber Rose, took to her Instagram page on Friday night and shared a semi-n*ked photo where she flashed her crotch in her most shocking picture ever.
The mother-of-one who is known for her signature blonde buzz cut, grabbed the attention of the internet when she posted the controversial photo of herself without trousers or underwear on social media which showed her unshaven private part region for everyone to see.
The explicit picture showed Amber covering her eyes with a pair of large square sunglasses and lay on a black furry coat, while her skin shone with body oil.
The photo was pulled down from Instagram within two hours of being posted, causing her to tweet a video of herself rolling her eyes with the caption: 'When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don't give a f*** because everyone picked it up already.' 
Despite Amber’s career being built on her risque outfits and endlessly flashing the flesh, her fans were still shocked by her latest antics, especially as her 4-year-old son Sebastian could one day discover the image.
See the photo below;

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