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Monday 26 June 2017

Buhari Did Not Grant Interview to BBC Recently, the Tape in Hausa was to Con Hyper-zealous Fans - Jaafar

President Muhammadu Buhari
The recently aired audio tape of Buhari congratulating Muslims on the successful Sallah celebration has been alleged to be an old tape which was previously recorded. Following the criticism generated by the audio message President Muhammadu Buhari reportedly granted to BBC Hausa to felicitate with fellow Muslims on the celebration of Sallah, it has been revealed that the audio might be an old clip.
Information gathered by SAB revealed that an aide to the President might have released the audio at this material time to deceive gullible Nigerians.
Many people had questioned the rationale behind releasing such a tape by a President to Nigerians exclusively in Hausa when he knows quite well that not everybody understands the language thus marginalizing some groups from hearing his address to the nation. Some called it a huge mistake by the President's aides who knew quite well the secessionist fires burning in the east, and for this to happen calls for serious concern.
Media personality and journalist Jaafar Jaafar has revealed that the audio tape might be a construct of the President's aide to con people as he said Buhari didn't give any recent interview to BBC, an indication that the tape might be an old recorded audio of the President.
"Buhari did not grant interview to BBC recently. Although the clip/insert is original, it was simply a propaganda subnational broadcast packaged and released by an overzealous aide to con hyper-zealous fans into believing that the president is in the UK for fishing expedition." Jaafar alleged.

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