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Monday 26 June 2017

Drama as Prominent Pastor Refuses to Pay Maintenance For Children...Shocking Details

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A prominent pastor has shocked people with his defiance after vehemently refusing to pay maintenance for his children. Pastor Garikai Muvirimi, the founder and leader of Bread Of Ministries in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, refused to pay maintenance for his children after the magistrate ordered him to pay $250 monthly maintenance for his children.
According to The Chronicle, the pastor walked out of the court after telling the magistrate he could not afford the hefty amount as he was a poor man.
Pastor Muvirimi left in a whiff without bothering to get the bank details of his wife Ms. Dudzai Kurehwandishe so he could deposit the money for the upkeep of his two minor children.
Ms. Kurehwandishe told the court that her husband was an irresponsible man.

“He is not taking care of me and our children yet the church is paying him about $2 000 per month. He abandoned us and went to stay in the church premises and he no longer buys groceries for us” she said
She stated that she needed $300 per month for her and their children so she could also clear the outstanding school fees arrears. She stated that she hadn’t dragged her husband to court to fix him but she wanted his assistance in raising their children.
Pastor Muvirimi said he could not afford to pay the amount for he was unemployed and the only amount he could afford was $50.
“I depend on church tithes and my average salary is $150 per month. I am in this court because my wife does not want me to preach the word of God” he claimed.
However the magistrate stated that it had been proven by the court that he got more than $500 per month.

“You can’t tell this court that you don’t have money yet your EcoCash statement proves that you get more that $500 per month. You will pay $250 starting from next month until your children are 18 years old or become self-supportive” the magistrate ordered.
Muvirimi refused to obey the court order insisting that he could not afford the amount as he was unemployed.
The magistrate told his wife Ms. Kurehwandishe.

“If he fails to pay the maintenance then obtain a warrant of arrest and have him arrested. I will meet him in criminal court”
Pastor Muvirimi was recently reported to have moved out of his house to stay at the church premises because he wanted to cut travelling costs. However his wife discovered that he was having an affair with a fellow congregant.

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