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Sunday 18 June 2017

Lady Boasts about 'Hallelujah Challenge' After All-Night S*x with Boyfriend

The ongoing Hallelujah Challenge - a praise, worship and prayer session which is being led by a popular gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey is generating a mild drama among people in Nigeria. 

For the past 17 days, Nigerians have been engulfed in the frenzy of the Hallelujah Challenge - a gospel session which takes place everyday from 12am till 1am live on Instagram and Facebook.
Over 70,000 Nigerians have been participating in the religious gathering which takes place via selected social media platforms as organized by worship singer, Nathaniel Bassey and his crew.
Meanwhile, a young man has written to a relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin to mock his girlfriend who was seen bragging about participating in the Hallelujah Challenge while she was involved in a three-hour s*x romp with him.
In the same vein, a man's relationship is currently hitting the rocks due to the fever of the Hallelujah Challenge which has being reported by CNN Africa due to the buzz it is attracted.
Read two interesting stories shared by Joro Olumofin below:
Read the second dramatic story below:

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