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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Photo: Popular Abuja Pastor Baptizes His Mum at the Popular River Jordan Where Jesus was Baptized

A Popular Abuja Pastor was in Israel to baptize his mother who he took to River Jordan, the same place where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. 
Popular Abuja-based Pastor Joshua Iginla, has taken to his official Facebook page to share photos from his holy pilgrimage to Israel with his mum. 
The influential cleric revealed that he decided to baptize his mum who he referred to as 'Mama Iginla' at the holy land, the exact place Jesus Christ was baptized. 
He shared photos from the special moment and captioned it: 

"Prophetic Treat at the River Jordan for Mama IGINLA.

"The High point of today's encounter at the Jordan River, same place where Jesus Christ was Baptised by John the Baptist, was when mama marched forward to be Baptised by her beloved and revered son, Bro Joshua Iginla. To her, it was a dream come true, as this has been the day she has been waiting for in life.

"I speak to your life, may your heart desires come through speedily in Jesus Name."

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