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Sunday 25 June 2017

Presidency releases President Buhari’s voice message, refutes claims he has lost his speech

To refute media claims that he is currently suffering from speech impairment, the Presidency today released a voice recording from President Buhari with a message to Nigerians. There were speculations in the media last week that President Buhari might have lost his speech due to his failing health.

To refute media claims that he is currently suffering speech impairment, the presidency today released an audio message of President Buhari to some radio stations including BBC.

According to reports, in the recorded message, President Buhari was felicitating with Nigerians on the occassion of Eid-el Fitr.

In the audio, President Buhari was heard thanking Nigerians for their continuous prayers for him. He asked Nigerians to shun divisive and hateful speeches that can further cause division in the country. He also prayed for good harvest as farmers embarked on agricultural activities occasion by the commencement of rainfalls across the country.

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