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Monday 26 June 2017

Pure Madness? See How Daredevil Tourists Took Reckless Selfies on the Very Edge of a Steep Cliff (Photos)

The tourists took selfes on the edge of a steep cliff
Some tourists have been caught on camera taking absolutely reckless selfies on the edge of a very dangerous cliff. Photos have shown the moment reckless daytrippers took daredevil selfies on the edge of a cliff just a few miles from where Seaford Head dramatically crumbled.
According to The Sun UK, the tourists were seen perched precariously on the edge of cliffs at Birling Gap in East Sussex on Sunday as they posed for pictures.
It comes just days after cliffs a little further along the coast were hit by three separate cliff collapses in just two days.
The body of a woman believed to have fallen from a clifftop was recovered by rescuers on Thursday.
Police are treating her death as non-suspicious after she was discovered just before 5pm at the Seven Sisters cliffs near to Cuckmere Haven.
Search and rescue crews were also scrambled to search for a girl in a pink top seen walking near the edge of cliffs before the collapse.
But she has since been found safe and well, the coastguard confirmed.
Inspector John Adams, of the East Sussex Neighbourhood Response Team, said: “The full circumstances into this tragic incident will be investigated, however at this stage the death is not being treated as suspicious.
“In the meantime, we’d like to remind people to take care around cliff tops and stay well away from the edge, especially in light of the incidents at Seaford Head.

“At this time, there is no evidence to suggest the woman’s death occurred as a result of an erosion to the cliff and it is in no way connected to the Seaford Head incidents.”
Around 50,000 tons of rubble fell from Seaford Head, near Eastbourne, on Wednesday, sparking a huge search operation.
See more photos below:

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