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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Tonto Dikeh & Churchill's Marriage Finally Dissolved as Family Takes Back Bride Price...Watch the Actress' Victory Dance

The marital crisis between Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill entered a whole new level this past weekend when Churchill went back to Tonto Dikeh's family house to have her bride price refunded. Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh and her multi-millionaire husband, Olakunle Churchill's traditional marriage has been officially annulled as both families met recently in that regard.
Online platform, Media Room Hub, posted an exclusive video of the event where Tonto’s father, Sunny Dikeh received Olakunle’s uncle, Bishop Dare in Port Harcourt, and confirmed that Olakunle carried out all the necessary requirements before getting married to his daughter.
He thereafter refunded the Bride Price, signalling the dissolution of the marriage traditionally.
As soon as the video hit the blogs and online platforms, Tonto Dikeh shared a video of her dancing excitedly and rejoicing. She captioned the video: “The joy was indescribable ••• #celeratingmyhappiness #celebratingLife #DavidsDance #VictoryDance”
The actress did not say what the celebration was all about, but comments on her page show that her followers have concluded she’s celebrating the dissolution of her marriage to Olakunle Churchill. 
Since the couple did not have a church wedding, the return of the bride price marks the end of the couple’s short lived marriage which was blessed with a son.
Watch Tonto's victory dance below;

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