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Friday 30 June 2017

Unbelievable: How Unborn Baby Was Cut Out From a Pregnant Woman's Stomach After Being Drugged (Photos)

A pregnant woman has been killed in a most brutal fashion by another woman who drugged and hacked her baby out. 
Naiara Silva Costa, a mother-to-be has been killed in a horrible way. The woman had her baby ripped out by another woman who allegedly faked being pregnant to her neighbours.
According to Metro UK, Naiara Silva Costa, 22, went to the house of Suelen Coimbra do Carmo, 27, after being offered bags of clothing and accessories for the baby.
But when she arrived, Carmo allegedly drugged her then stabbed her, cutting the baby girl from the mother’s womb, killing them both.
Police said she then buried Mrs Costa’s body in a shallow grave in her back garden in Goiânia, Brazil.
The little girl was discovered wrapped in clothes, dumped in a bowl left on a bed in the house on Tuesday.
Detectives said she had confessed to killing the married mother, who was a beautician, and said they had met when the victim posted an appeal online for help for clothes for her baby.
Suelen Coimbra do Carmo
Detective Azuen Magda Albarello said: ‘Naiara died in a terrifying and helpless way probably knowing her child was going to be taken from her. She was doped with a powerful dose of Rivotril, a lethal drug that incapacitates the victim.
‘Once the medication took hold the accused confessed she tied a rope around the victim’s neck and hung her until she was sure Naiara was dead.
‘Carmo told us, at that time, the baby was still alive and moving in the woman’s womb.
‘She took a scalpel and slashed open the pregnant belly. But she was shocked to find the baby was in a bad way because the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around the child’s neck.
‘Carmo tried to breathe life into the infant but all her attempts to resuscitate failed.’
Two months before the murders, Carmo had an abortion but continued to wear ‘large flowing dresses’ and ‘looked like she was [still] pregnant’, according’ to neighbours.
Marcos Pereira said: ‘Suelen called me to ask if I could do her a favour because she wanted to plant some spring onions in her garden, but as she was pregnant it would be difficult. I said no problem.
‘I dug down far enough to plant vegetables but she insisted on the hole being a metre deep by two metres wide. I found that strange and unnecessary.
‘Then when she said she was going to get some cement to put around the hole to make it look nice, I became really suspicious because she said she was pregnant but she didn’t need any help carrying the cement bag.’
Police got Suelen Coimbra do Carmo arrested
Detective Albarello said: ‘Suelen joined a mother’s group on social network and saw Naiara was asking for help.
‘They began to exchange messages, and the woman agreed with the victim to meet in Goiania, pretending she would deliver a complete trousseau for the baby.
‘Suelen collected Naiara in the capital, then took her by car to her house in Nerópolis (a neighbourhood in the city) where the crime happened.’
Mr Pereira contacted police to raise his concerns.
When police arrived Carmo was nervous and would not open the door. An officer jumped over a wall where he found the victim’s partially buried body.
Police found plastic gloves, a scalpel and the medicine apparently used to drug the victim in the property.
Det Albarello added: ‘The evidence indicates that this heinous crime was pre-planned and we believe Carmo was intent on getting a baby for herself after the loss of her own child.’
Mrs Costa’s husband, who has not been named, is said to be under sedation following the murder of his wife and child.
Carmo, who has a police record for drug trafficking, is facing two charges of murder and has been remanded in custody to appear in court next month.

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