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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Unbelievable: Woman Who Has Dated 5,000 Guys Reveals How to 'Get Rich' From Men (Photos)

Praiya Suriya
A woman who claims to have dated as many as five thousand guys has come out to explain how to get rich from men. Praiya Suriya, a dating guru has launched an online course to teach ladies how to snare a rich Western husband.
According to Daily Star UK, Praiya Suriya has enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle over the past few years as her legions of male admirers have lavished her with first class flights, five-star hotels, fine dining and expensive jewellery.
Glamorous snaps of her jet-set lifestyle have won her hundreds of fans – many are women who are desperate to find a wealthy husband.
The self-proclaimed dating guru has now launched a £325 course teaching other Thai women how to "get rich" from their "western or Arab" boyfriends.
Praiya, from Thailand's Khon Kaen province in the north east of the country, said: "I have a fan page on [the messaging app] Line.

“There are 7,000 people. There are so many messages I need people to help me reply to them.

"I have to choose who first to reply to. Right now my life is perfect already. I have dated 5,000 people, western men, Arab men and people from Dubai."
Praiya said she has "lots of experience" with men and a "special gift" for rooting out those who don't want to spend money on their partners.
Making a point of speaking in the Laos dialect to identify with women from the desolate north east region, her course also promises a match-making service to introduce her students to suitably wealthy foreign men.
She added: "A lot of men send me messages.
"I know straight away which men are good and which ones are cheap, tight people.

"I can tell from their faces which men are thinking we're gold diggers and worried about us taking their money.

"I believe I can scan men just from seeing them and chatting a little bit.

"Which men don't want to pay a sinsod (dowry) and which want to have s*x for free."
Praiya continued: "I've helped 100 women already to get married with rich men.

"My students can see me when I go on dates and learn form me, how I act, what I say.

"I have so many messages I cannot help everybody. I cannot help everyone, I cannot reply to every message.

"I will help those women who are serious about finding a husband and want to get rich."
An automated reply to women applying for her course tells how VIP members of her group on the Line messaging app will learn the trick to asking for any amount of money which is guaranteed success.
The sales pitch promises women they will become more confident in the bedroom, saying: "Have sex like a professional. Have sex like me.”
Her course claims to also teach women how to successfully get spending money for holidays and shopping, how to obtain a monthly "salary" and negotiate essential items for themselves including cars and second homes.
More practical advice includes English and Arabic phrases for asking for money and which places women should visit on a trip.
Thousands of desperate women dreaming of finding a rich foreign man have bombarded Priya with requests to be taught her tricks.
She regularly shares screen grabs from "satisfied customers" praising her ability.
One wrote: "I believe Praiya's heart. If I do myself maybe I will walk the wrong way and make mistake. That's why we need some person to teach us.

"I try many times and never have the good luck with men. I'm waiting for my salary then I'll join the course."
Another added: "I believe Praiya. I've been following her for a long time already."
While one said that after taking Praiya's advice they had "finally found a man who sends them money" even though they had never met and had just been talking online.
But after Praiya's VIP course was reported in Thai media, many readers slammed her for encouraging harmful stereotypes about Thai women.

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