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Monday 26 June 2017

We Will Soon Make Hausa Nigeria's Official Language - Hausa man Boasts on Facebook

Sadiqq Ibrahim made the statement
A Nigerian man has made a provoking utterance after boasting on Facebook that Hausa language will soon be made the official language in Nigeria. An Hausa man has caused a serious controversy after he came on Facebook to boast that Hausa language will soon be made the official language of Nigerian after President Muhammadu Buhari addressed Nigerians in the language in celebration of Ramadan.
Sadiqq Ibrahim said the language will soon be made the official language because it is the most spoken language in Nigeria. He was tongue-lashed by Nigerians who couldn't stomach the provoking statement.
Nigerians had rubbished Buhari over his decision to address the country in Hausa in celebration of Ramadan when he knew the official language. The decision has left many people angry.
Criticising the President, Professor Pius Adesanmi of the The Institute of African Studies (IAS) at Carleton University wrote: "What President Buhari's handlers and supporters are doing to him - and what he is doing to himself or allowing them to do to him if he still has full agency and sentience - is pathetic.
I just listened to his eid "message to Nigerians". Somehow, in a small part of the brains of his handlers, it was perfectly okay for the President of Nigeria to send a goodwill message to Nigerians in Hausa! So much for all the work Osinbajo has been doing to preach unity, inclusion, national unity, and all that jazz in times of perilous contestations of the rationale for the existence of the Nigerian state.
And then, that drained, strained, barely-audible, and tired voice. That voice belongs to a man who needs to be surrounded by his family and fight his health battles in dignity. This is not a voice that should be hanging on, holding on, clinging to office in defiance of good sense.
Those staging these cameos are preying on the dignity of a very ill man.
Anyway, when next you trample on the man's dignity and stage the next cameo, remember that Nigeria has an official language: either you make him talk to us in a language we can all understand or you make him record the same message in some 800 different Nigerian languages. Do you understand?
E wokun oni noin. E ku r'odun. Se gbogbo ghin i gbadun odun?
I just spoke Yagba. I cannot claim to have addressed that eid message to Nigerians. I addressed it to Okun people, Okun Muslims in particular. Do you get it now?"

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