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Saturday 17 June 2017

You Won't Believe This Heavily Endowed Woman Who Loves Showing Off Her Massive Bum is a Nurse (Photos)

Ebony Lavette is a nurse by day and a model by night
A nurse is enjoying her new found fame after her eye-popping modeling photos showing her endowed bum surfaced online. Ebony Lavette is a registered nurse but enjoys baring her massive and well shaped bum for the camera. Lavette is not just a nurse, she is also a model that has amassed a respectable number of followers on Instagram where she flaunts her sexy body for people.
In numerous photos she shared on her Instagram page, the nurse/model could be seen posing seductively in different shots while showing off her huge bum.
She also has twerk videos with many people going gaga for her. Merely seeing her in uniform, no one could ever think of her other lifestyle.

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