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Wednesday 5 July 2017

Bloody Day in Ikorodu: Dreaded Badoo Cultists Storm Lagos Churches, Kill Babies and Mother

Suspected members of the highly publicized Badoo cult moved from their Ikorodu base in Lagos on Tuesday, attacking two churches in Owode Onirin in yet another killing spree. 
Two churches in the Owode Onirin area of Ikorodu area of Lagos state were on Tuesday attacked by the dreaded members of the blood-thirsty Badoo cult as two babies and a woman were killed in the latest attack in Lagos.
According to a shocking report by Punch Metro, the cult members were said to have attacked two orthodox churches namely; Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Crystal Church of Christ parish; and Celestial Church of Christ, Orisun Ayomi parish, both on Anibaba Street, Weigh Bridge, Owode Onirin area of Ikorodu.
It was gathered that the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, the assailants killed a woman, identified simply as Iya Dabira and her 9-month-old baby, Dabira. A one year-old boy, Ayomide, was killed as well as they attended a vigil at the church and were said to have slept off in the church after the prayer ended at 2am.
Ayomide’s mother, who was also attacked, was said to be in a critical condition at the General Hospital, Ikorodu.
Reports revealed that the hoodlums reportedly scaled the church’s fence, which bordered an uncompleted building and entered the house of God, smashing a big stone on the heads of the four victims.
While speaking to a correspondent, a member of the church, Tayo Moses, said Dabira died on the spot. “The three others were admitted to the general hospital. Dabira’s mother and Ayomide have been confirmed dead. The only survivor is still unconscious,” he added.
It was also learnt that the pastor in charge of the parish, Pastor Rotimi Ajidara, who lived in one of the apartments on the premises, became aware of the incident around 6am and alerted other residents.
Also speaking, a resident, Mrs. Tolulope Adelaja, said she participated in the vigil, adding that she retired to her apartment when the prayer ended around 2am.

“Around 6am, the pastor alerted me to the incident. We took the victims in my car to Elam Hospital. A doctor at the hospital confirmed Dabira dead and referred others to the general hospital. It was a special vigil and the congregation was few,” she added.
Another resident, Oluwadare Anibaba, noted that members found a stone beside the victims, adding that policemen from the Owode Onirin division took away the stone.
“When the pastor alerted us, we rushed to the church and met the victims in a pool of blood,” he added.
The pastor in charge of the second church attacked by the gang, Prophet Taiwo Adesanya, said the invaders stole some members’ property, adding that attacks by the gang might escalate to other parts of the state if stringent security measures were not taken by the government.
He said, “We discovered in the morning that strangers had entered our church and stole mobile phones. Nobody was attacked, but we saw traces of engine oil on the ground.

“We were wondering about who the robbers were when we saw a crowd in front of the nearby church. The Lagos State Government should take proactive measures against these criminals. The gang members are gradually moving away from Ikorodu.

“They attacked Owode Onirin today, people in Mile 12, Agege, Ikeja and even Victoria Island should be on the alert.”
The Chairman, Idera Tuntun Community Development Association, Owode Onirin, Ganiyu Ogundipe, urged the police to station a patrol van at a strategic junction so that they could quickly respond to distress calls.
A resident, Ayo Folarin, said the attack could have been averted if some landlords had not stopped a vigilance operation initiated by some youths on Monday.
He said, “At about 12pm on Sunday, we accosted a boy who was wandering. When we queried him, he said he was going to visit his brother on Ketu Estate.  We checked a small bag with him and found a handkerchief, lighter, kitchen knife and four ATM cards.

“As we were questioning him, somebody came and said the boy was not a Badoo member and that we should release him. A few minutes after we released him, it occurred to us that we should have handed him over to the police. We looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find him. We decided that we would guard the community at night.

“In the evening, we knocked on the gates of all the residents to come out for the vigil. Only a landlord came out to encourage us. We made bonfires on the road and secured the community till dawn. In the morning (Monday), people blamed us for the bonfires and told us to stop the vigil.” 

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