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Thursday 27 July 2017

David Beckham Causes Commotion After Signing Autograph on Girl's Bum (Photos)

David Beckham signs autograph on the woman's bum
Football legend, David Beckham has been spotted signing an autograph on the bum of a heavily tattooed woman. David Beckham unleashed his daring side after he was caught on camera signing a girl's bottom in Kernville, California. The incident might have incurred the wrath of his wife, Victoria after he pulled over at a hardware store during his motorcycle road trip with a mate, when he was faced with the cheeky request.
According to Dailymail, while proving that his global fanbase can spot him anywhere, David was approached for an autograph on the side of the road. He kindly obliged, sitting on the side of his motorcycle and leaning in as she jutted out her hip.
The heavily-inked fangirl was minimally dressed for the heat in thigh-skimming Daisy Dukes and a vest top rolled up to her middle. It is believed the daring move might have affected David and his wife-of-18-years Victoria who are growing apart.
Dailymail revealed that news reports on Sunday morning suggested that they have built separate ‘his and hers’ wings into their £5 million converted farmhouse.
The claims suggest that David’s love of partying is driving a wedge between the couple and the designs will put further physical distance - an estimated 50 yards - between them, too. 
The Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire home has been created from three barns and the living quarters are said to be separated by a gallery.
A source told The Mail On Sunday: ‘The planning permission was pretty restrictive and stated the three barns had to stay separate.
Though a source told MailOnline on Sunday: 'There is a kids' barn and a grown up barn - no his and hers separate living accommodation. What a ridiculous suggestion.' 
Following the reports, the couple were spotted cruising around LA in their family Bentley SUV, before spending the day working out together. They had reunited after David's cross-country camping trip, which he shared only with male friends.
Captioning one of the shots 'and relax', David looked chilled as he kicked back shirtless with some beverages while outdoors. In another shot, he is seen to embark on a motorcycle ride, and in another, he is seen to fully immerse himself in lake water. 

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