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Monday 24 July 2017

Finally! EFCC Reveals the Man Behind Their Witty Tweets (Photo)

Fisher was revealed as the man behind the witty tweets via EFCC Twitter handle
The man who maintained a good rapport with Nigerians while handling the EFCC Twitter handle with his witty tweets has been unveiled. The face of the Nigerian man who made the EFCC twitter handle buzz on social media has finally been revealed. He goes by the handle @FshawKingFisher and is a musician and satirist.
From all indications, it is obvious that he is moving on as the agency wished him well in his future aspiration while tweeting: "You are an excellent communicator; you are special. Good luck for the future and thank you for your service @FshawKingFisher, "The Handler"
Replying, he wrote: "Thank you for trusting my judgement and thank you for the privilege to serve. I wish you greater success going forward. Esprit de Corps."

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