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Monday 17 July 2017

Ghanaian Actresses, Ella Mensah and Sophia Diva's Dresses to AMAA 2017 Causes Stir (Photos)

Ella Mensah and Sophia Diva
The recently concluded entertainment event in Lagos which was like a destination for all stars has left some interesting highlights in terms of scandalous dressing by women. Ghanaian actresses, Ella Mensah and Sophia Diva attended the Africa Movie Academy Award like every other actor did but caused a stir with their indecent dressing.
Sophia almost flashed her panties as she tried to strike a stylish pose. Ella's massive make-up has also being discussed.
It has become a trend for female celebrities to controversially dress-up to catch the attention of press officials as a way of free promotion.
See more photos:

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