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Saturday 1 July 2017

Horror: Drama as Man Appears in a Bus Carrying a Massive Snake in Broad Daylight (Video)

A man has caused quite a stir inside a bus after he was filmed carrying a massive snake with him. 
A man was filmed casually travelling on a busy train – alongside his pet snake he had let loose in the carriage.
Accordingto Daily Star UK, the remarkable incident was filmed on New York City’s bustling underground rail network, leaving viewers online absolutely speechless.
It shows a bloke in a red cap and white shirt standing looking fondly at his reptilian pal.
The snake looks fairly chilled out as the train rattles along, with the camera zooming in to show it inspecting a rail map before the short video ends.
New Yorker Juan Guerrero said the man had been seen giving his serpent pal a kiss before letting him have a swing around on the hand rail.
Surprisingly, passengers travelling along with the unlikely duo seem remarkably calm at the prospect of a giant serpent on board.
But many of the 135,000 viewers who have seen the clip online so far were decidedly less relaxed at the thought.
“Oh hell nah, I would be forcing those doors open just to get out,” wrote one user.
Another said: “How the f*** is everyone so calm?! I would be freaking out.”

“I know why I will never live in a big city. Just when you thought humans couldn't get any more disgusting or embarrassing,” another furious user said.
It comes after stunning footage emerged showing a bloke poking around in his house trying to remove what he thought to be a harmless snake.
In actual fact, it turned out to be a giant black mamba – one of the deadliest snakes on Earth.
Watch the video below:

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