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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Horror: How Flood 'Chased' Dead Bodies Out of Mortuary in Lagos

The flood that has ravaged several parts of Lagos communities, has affected a mortuary, forcing officials to eject corpses. 
A Daily Post report has shown that the management of a private mortuary, Toluwalase Hospital Morgue, located at Otunba Oladokun Street, in Igando area of Lagos State has ejected corpses deposited in the facility due to massive flooding of its premises.
This is coming on the heels of the ceaseless rainfall witnessed across Lagos metropolis last week, which led to flooding.
The flood has taken an immense toll on the facility, forcing its operation to stop.
According to the mortuary’s manager, Bolaji Oluwafemi, the area was flood prone and always quick to transform into a lake anytime it rained.
He added that the Lagos State Government had ignored repeated complaints from the hospital management and other residents living in the area.
“There is the lingering need for proper channelization of water and the sand filling of the low land in the area”, Oluwafemi further explained.
Due to the neglect by the government, the morgue manager said they, alongside other residents, hired a contractor to sand fill the lowland and divert the flood water to a nearby drainage, incurring N3 million as expenses for the job.
Oluwafemi, a retired Naval officer, said: “It has paralysed our business, everybody has moved of their houses to live in the available dry land outside of their premises.
“We have been living outside in our cars. Look, (pointing at cooking utensils) that is where we cook our food.

“The woman that sells food has vacated her flooded shop. All the tenants and landlords are out of their houses. On Monday, a woman was searching for her daughter in the flood while others hurried out of their houses.

“We are left with nothing!”
Oluwafemi and other residents seen with him pleaded with the state Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to come to their rescue.

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