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Saturday 22 July 2017

Man Fatally Stabs Dog to Death for Siding With Girlfriend in Arguments (Photo)

Blu (L), Mike Lado (R)
A man complained a dog always took his girlfriend’s side in an argument before fatally stabbing it, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said. A Florida man was arrested this week after cops say he stabbed a dog for always taking his girlfriend's side in arguments.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Mike Lado, 26, came home drunk Wednesday morning before getting into an argument with his live-in girlfriend.

According to the police report, Lado went into the kitchen and retrieved a knife then stabbed the dog twice as it approached him.

According to WINK, the girlfriend told deputies that the dog, a rescue named Blu, was not being aggressive when it followed Lado into the kitchen.

Instead, police say they believe Lado killed the pit bull because it showed favoritism toward his girlfriend.

An necropsy will be conducted on the dog.

Lado remains in custody on $5,000 bond.

After news of Blu's death broke, the shelter where he was adopted posted about the sad incident on Facebook.

"Domestic violence is wrong and ugly 100% of the time. This time, the grave circumstances took the life of a former GCHS shelter dog, Blu, while doing what dogs do...being protective and loving," Gulf Coast Humane Society wrote."Please, be aware of domestic violence and the ugliness it brings to families and, yes, to pets."

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